När britterna kom till Degerfors

Jag ramlade över en gammal text om Degerfors och Degerfors IF som skrevs i brittiska Independent i samband med att Svennis blev förbundskapten för England. Det är en riktigt skön historia som tål att läsas om idag.
On a per capita basis, Degerfors (pop: 10,000) could match its tradition against any of the footballing hotbeds of the world. The only footballing museum in Sweden is housed in Degerfors, a shrine to the past and an emotional buffer against the uncertainties of the present lovingly tended by Goran Berger, who played for Degerfors against Eriksson and whose son, Henrik, scored the only goal when the team lost narrowly to Parma in the Cup- Winners' Cup seven years ago.
- The man from Degerfors who became a leading force, The Independent
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